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Learning path for Digital Nomad

Brazil: find a remote job
Portugal: scale business abroad
Turkey: first time digital nomad
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Turkey, Kas
Brazil, Florianapolis
Dec 10 - Jan 10
Portugal, Madeira
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What is it all about ?

We bring together a community of remote workers from 2 weeks to 6 weeks to work and explore the world at the same time. Combining work and travel is a lifestyle that has existed for a long time.

There are already digital nomads and remote workers living and working in different parts of the world. We help you make it happen with a group of people with like-minded interests. Traveling the world alone can be fun, but 10/10 times it's more enjoyable when you share the memories with others.

RemoteCamp sets you up in cozy cottages, varying villas, and appetizing apartments. We believe accommodation is vital to provide a thriving environment to live and work effectively for your experience.

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Reviews about
previous camps

Ann, designer

I was a participant in the first camp in Turkey, and I want to share my impressions here ✨ This trip became a retreat for me, the people who came to the camp with me turned out to be interesting and really cool 😍 There were problems with the Internet on the first day, but they were quickly resolved. These two weeks of working side by side with enthusiastic people have been a good life experience and I would love to go with Remotecamp on their next journey! 🔥


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digital nomad articles
digital nomad articles


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