Our camps

Our camps were held in several countries. We chose the most suitable places in terms of climate and conditions, checked with coronavirus restrictions.

The first was a camp in Turkey, participants lived in a villa in Kalkan on the Mediterranean coast. Then there were two camps in Egypt, in the city of Dahab, which is a Mecca for digital nomads.

Than, we decided to explore European countries.
The last camps took place in Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

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Activities we passed through

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Visiting sites

We work out the program so that you can get to know the local culture and get the most of the experience. Each country has its own story, and we tell the story to those who want to know about it. We always have a list of significant places and attractions that you should visit. Those who wish come together in groups and go to explore!!

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We have a wealth of life experience, and so do our participants. We will always have something to share with each other. In addition, the program includes lectures and master classes from local and international professionals in their field. If you want to hear about something special, let us know in advance and we'll figure out what we can do!

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Sports activities

The natural conditions and landscapes of the new country make it possible to engage in new sports. Jogging and yoga are always available, you can choose the further: you can go on a mountain hike for the weekend, dive without scuba gear, ride a surf or fly a paraglider. There were also people at our camps who preferred to sit in the nearest cafe and try local cuisine instead of extreme adventures - this is also possible!

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During the camp, Ksenia met a large customer and joined an interesting project, and also began to use the pomodoro technique and received several useful tools that helped him with time management.

During the camp, Valery worked with our Scrum Master and a psychologist, as a result of which he was able to complete the project before the deadline and get his work-live balance.

During the camp, Dmitry meet two good friends, they did yoga every morning on the roof of the villa, and the rest of the participants gradually began to join them. Dmitry took part in all extreme activities and before leaving she stated that she had achieved all her goals. "Those were some of the most memorable two weeks of my life!


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