About #Remotecamp

Learn the history of our camps from idea to implementation and get to know our team!

Anthony Minkowski

Creator and mastermind of the project #remotecamp

My name is Anthony,
I'm currently working remotely and I have been passionate about travel all my life. New places and new people have inspired me throughout this journey. I was fortunate to be engaged in a lot of projects that are creative.

Everything went well, but then 2020 began! Soon after the pandemic started, I suddenly discovered that it became almost impossible to travel. I was working in one particular place, surrounded by walls, and day to day nothing changed. My motivation was disappearing…

Spring was gone, then summer... Borders gradually opened, but few people risked travelling. For me, everything changed in the autumn when I met Lena..

Lena was in the same situation,
she wanted to travel, but she didn't want to go alone. Together we found a way out.

We have created a first camp by gathering like-minded people such as entrepreneurs, startupers, IT-specialists,

and together we went to Turkey, rented a villa and spent two weeks there.

Even though we arrived as strangers we quickly developed a bond. We spontaneously organized workshops, brainstorming sessions, and most importantly the exchange of experiences and friendships.

The community started to appear.

Lena Bulgakova

Traveler and co-founder of the project #remotecamp

Now, after a series of successful camps in different countries,

we know it works!.

People from different fields of activity, united by the desire to know themselves better, found their work & life balance here. They found themselves happier and more productive, and continued to inspire each other. We discovered how people found a new lifestyle, explored wonderful places alongside their work.


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